Investor Presentation Outline per Guy Kawasaki


I’ve been using the outline for investor presentations for a long time, courtesy of Guy Kawasaki’s book Art of the Start, highly recommended in the linked blog post.But I’ve added a three categories that I thought were worthwhile, despite Guy’s rule of using only 10 slides in a presentation. I don’t believe it’s the number of slides that’s so important as the time you spend presenting – keep it as short as possible, always leave them wanting more time with you not less!

Outline for presentation to investors

  1. The Problem
  2. Your solution
  3. Size of the market and its growth rate*
  4. Business model
  5. Underlying magic/technology
  6. Marketing and sales
  7. Competition
  8. Team
  9. Advisors and Partners*
  10. Projections and milestones
  11. Status and timeline
  12. Use of proceeds*
  13. Summary and call to action

Slides from Guy Kawasakiʼs Art of the Start except those with * from Steve Bayle

Here are my additions:

2. While Guy lists size of the market, it’s growth rate is also important. Growth is one of investors’ top priorities, along with predictability.

9. Listing advisors and partners can lend credibility to your nascent venture. Just make sure you get their permission to be added to your presentation, and better yet, that they would be willing to talk to potential investors about why your venture is worthwhile.

12. Investors want to know how you will be spending their money, what you will accomplish with it, and how long it will last you. So this is a very important slide and worth spend the time to prepare and present it well.



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