Crossing the Chasm – classic book updated



Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm is one of the seminal books on the challenges of making a startup business successful.  It’s one of the few books I recommend to mentees, as despite being first written back in the last century, it’s still as relevant today as when it was written. The book was updated in 2014 and is now available as a paperback.

I had the opportunity to hear Geoff speak and he’s as compelling a speaker as he is a writer. He’s also the author of  Inside the Tornado Escape Velocity and other books

Crossing the Chasm is best known for it’s exposition of the technology adoption cycle and most importantly how the startup can successfully navigate the cycle from the innovators to early adopters, and then cross the chasm to the early majority.

technology adoption cycle.jpg

When meeting with founders of very early stage companies, or who just have an idea for a startup,  I always ask them who they think they early adopters will be, and why they will adopt their products.

While crossing the chasm is vital, if you can’t build traction with early adopters you’ll never have the privilege of solving the crossing the chasm problem.


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