Domain expertise, client empathy, creativity and facility with digital tools key for success, experts say


human skills

The article in The Wall Street Journal by Sara Castellanos entitled CIOs Hold Out Hope for Humans as Automation Powers More IT Processes makes it clear that specific human skills will continue to be in demand: those possessed by expert mentors!

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Human creativity and problem-solving skills are still in demand in information technology, even as IT becomes more automated, chief information officers and technologists said Wednesday at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s annual CIO Symposium.

Areas where humans excel, such as creativity and interpersonal skills, will not be easily or quickly replaced by machines, said artificial intelligence experts at the event.

“In areas like coaching, advising, motivating, nurturing, a lot of those categories, people still have a big edge,” said Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and a professor of IT, at a panel about AI.

So while AI may end up automating many jobs, including aspects of white collar jobs like lawyers and journalists, the so-called “soft-skills” of mentoring: advice, feedback, guidance – all based on guided interactions with the mentees, will increase in value and continue to resist the onslaught of automation.
Something for founders to keep in mind, even founders of deep learning and AI-driven startups.

Author: Mentorphile

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