Meetings Bloody Meetings


I recently posted about the necessary evil of meetings. But I neglected the best antidote to this corporate poison: the absolutely wonderful DVD, Meetings Bloody Meetings, the 2012 update of this classic by John Cleese of Monty Python fame. Cleese applies the zany humor of the Pythons to helping make meetings more productive. He not only wrote and produced this video but stars in it as well. You can read more about it on the web site of Enterprise Media.

The objective of the video is to demonstrate that running a productive meeting is a learnable skill, with parallels to those of a court.

Even if you are only passably interested in meetings showing this video to your team will give them a hilarious break in the day and undoubtedly inspire improved meeting behavior in many of them. There’s a two minute trailer on YouTube. Unfortunately it’s unclear where you can lay your hands on this gem, which was originally done almost 50 years ago! (1976) And on VHS tape, if you remember what that was. It’s labeled “currently unavailable” on Amazon.  So it maybe now considered unobtainium .

Update! My friend Andreas Randow sent me this link to the full video!

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