A one slide presentation on product positioning

Back in 1989 I co-founded a company called Course Technology, Inc. The idea was to extend the concept I had invented when employed as General Manager for the Educational Software division of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company. The invention there was a product that could meet the needs of college professors and students at a price that students could afford.

The business concept was simple: work with a college professor who had written successful textbooks and taught students the basic computer course to write a textbook on how to use Lotus 1-2-3.  We licensed a version of the IBM PC Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet – then the dominant software package for business professionals. The textbook and software were packaged together and sold not for the $495 for the professional version of 1-2-3 with its hundreds of pages of manuals written by the Lotus documentation department, but for $49.95, a price all students could afford. This product sold extremely well and led to an entire Student Edition product line generating millions of dollars for Addison-Wesley and to Lotus in licensing fees.

For some reason – perhaps seeing a lot of pitch decks recently – I recalled a one page slide I had created to illustrate how the Addison-Wesley Student Edition was positioned against the professional version and against a typical college textbook.



As you can see my graphics skills are no better and probably worse than they were 30 years ago, but the slide is illustrative. I may well have the tagline wrong – it  doesn’t sound quite right to me – but it will do for these purposes.

Can you create a slide that illustrates the positioning of your product?

Author: Mentorphile

Mentor, coach, and advisor to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. General manager with significant experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Focus on media and information. On founding team of four venture-backed companies. Currently Chairman of Popsleuth, Inc., maker of the Endorfyn app for keeping fans updated on new stuff from their favorite artists.

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