A ringside seat at company naming trends

Crunchbase is a very valuable database of new companies and the people behind them. As such it has a ringside seat at trends in naming startups. I’m not the only person fascinated by the process of naming new companies. Sherwin Greenblatt, President of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service, presents a list of VMS companies who have … Continue reading “A ringside seat at company naming trends”

The name game – naming is changing

One of the biggest challenges for startups has been and still is coming up with a name for the venture. Decades ago, when I began my startup ventures with Real Time Audio, which I thought was a great name for a sound reinforcement company, one didn’t have to worry about urls. In fact I was … Continue reading “The name game – naming is changing”

Here’s the best post on naming ever!

I stumbled across this incredibility lengthy and detailed how-to article on naming your company by accident. It’s filled with excellent, actionable advice. Really I cannot recommend this article highly enough! Name your company without reading this article at you own peril. Before naming your business, read this. by Julian Shapiro on thenextweb.com. I’ve learned a … Continue reading “Here’s the best post on naming ever!”

The toughest problem early stage startups face

Is it building a team? Finding the elusive product/market fit? Raising capital? Shipping the MVP? Nope, it’s finding a unique name for the venture! One of my favorite parts of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service monthly meetings is when VMS President Sherwin Greenblatt reads the names of VMS ventures that have changed their names. Half … Continue reading “The toughest problem early stage startups face”

The top reasons startups fail – redux

Why startups fail seems to be a perennially popular subject both on the web and judging by page views, on my blog.  And with good reason – most startups do fail. But the reasons vary, and not everyone agrees. If you are in an accelerator or planning on entering one you might want to pay … Continue reading “The top reasons startups fail – redux”

Titling email attachments

As a mentor and advisor I receive a lot of email attachments. Especially executive summaries of business plans and pitch decks of startup companies. Aside from the very occasional problem of entrepreneurs forgetting to include their contact information, a more common problem is naming the file something like: “ExecutiveSummaryJune2016.pdf.” Include your company name when you title … Continue reading “Titling email attachments”