I’m a reformed workaholic and proud of it!

  ILLUSTRATION: JOHN. S. DYKES After I graduated from college I started a business providing sound reinforcement services to local bands. Building my own Altec Lansing Voice of the Theater loudspeaker cabinet introduced me what was to become a decades-long addiction, not to any drug, but to work. It wasn’t until years later that I came … Continue reading “I’m a reformed workaholic and proud of it!”

The dangers of perfectionism

It’s time to revisit this topic which I wrote about previously, Why perfectionism is a death trap for entrepreneurs. Sometimes you find good advice in places you might not expect to find it. That’s the case with The Wall Street Journal article The Perils of the Child Perfectionist by  Jennifer Breheny Wallace. If you substitute “founders” for “parents” … Continue reading “The dangers of perfectionism”

The counterpoint to the Steve Jobs model

The myth of Steve Jobs was that he was a singular genius who was the ultimate micromanager, driving his team to the edge of breakdown to achieve great things: the Macintosh, the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, the iPad. I’ve been fascinated by Jobs and Apple every since buying my first Apple II in 1980. But … Continue reading “The counterpoint to the Steve Jobs model”

The virtue of pride

I know, you’ve heard it before, pride is one of the seven deadly sins, pride goeth before a fall. But let’s take a look at the first dictionary definition: pride |prīd| noun1 a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or … Continue reading “The virtue of pride”

Why perfectionism is a death trap for entrepreneurs

I started out life pretty sloppy; inherited the trait from my mother. Being sloppy didn’t hinder her from being Phi Beta Kappa, receiving a Harvard Law degree, and successfully practicing law for more than 50 years – 50 with the same law partner! Only the CIA’s best could even begin to decipher her handwriting. And … Continue reading “Why perfectionism is a death trap for entrepreneurs”